Client: Natural Motion
Platform: XBox / iOS
Backbreaker first started life as a prototype to show the capabilities of Natural Motion’s Morpheme behaviour software. The demo showed off the physics and reactions of American football players making extreme tackles. This mix of physics and behaviour based animation had not been seen before and Natural Motion wanted to take this idea further into a full game.
The project needed concept work and art direction through to full production of characters, stadiums as well as Logo/ UI design, promotional material and box art.
We initially started with producing concepts for the main player. The brief was that he had to look slightly futuristic with a similar silhouette to an American footballer but with more streamlined and clean looking armour.
After we settled on a design, we took this through the modelling phase and created two other player variants - one slimmer and one bigger version. These models had to accommodate 3 UV sets with different textures and decals applied to create the wide variety of teams.
At the start of the project, the intention was to create only one stadium. However, as the game became bigger and was no longer an XBLA title, more stadiums needed to be designed. Natural Motion’s Damien Murphy was able to assist by coming up with some extravagant stadium ideas.
Working together we were able to model, texture and light the stadiums within a tight timeframe.
At the same as working on the stadiums, we were able to get further involved with helping out on the brand identity and user interface design.
Finally, with the game assets complete, we finished the project by working on the announcement trailer, promotional renders and worked on the final box artwork.

It was a great experience to be involved on a project from start to finish.

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