Gears of War: Judgment
Client: People Can Fly / Epic Games
Platform: XBox 360
Adam Parsons, Lead Producer at People Can Fly contacted us about helping with some UI support work they required on Gears of War: Judgment. He’d recently moved onto the project after finishing the Operation Flashpoint project and needed backgrounds and assets for the UI and Heads Up Display.
After our initial briefing at their office in Warsaw, Poland, we started creating backgrounds that would fit the overall theme of the game. They had a very strong idea of the look in mind which was defined by their Art Director, Waylon Brinck and Lead Designer, Arcade Berg. The team made it easy for us to integrate and try out different ideas quickly and were able to test these in game to great effect.
Working remotely didn’t pose any problems for us or PCF as we were in constant communication via Skype. Once we had completed the UI we moved over to help with some graphic design poster work which were needed for the different environments in the game.
Images to follow.... 

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