Client: Natural Motion Games
Platform: iOS

Natural Motion started to diversify the game types they were now starting to produce, Jenga was a great choice to showcase their physics engine.

Our initial ideas for the UI design was to mimic the Jenga gameplay by sliding menu options out to make selections. We also explored having the menu rendered onto the cylindrical package that could be zoomed into and rotated around. The Jenga blocks would then fall out of this and stack up. The chosen design was based on 3d type on a wooden table with a sticker decal look for the icons and messaging. Once the the designs were finished on the UI we moved onto rendering the lightmaps for the environments.

Before we could start rendering we needed to create a second UV channel and map all the objects and environment uniquely in an optimised way. As the game was being authored for mobile only we wanted to squeeze the best out the texture so we unwrapped the environments by hand for the best result.

The lightmaps were rendered in Modo, with global illumination and a key light for the sun. The maps were rendered in various passes so we could control the balance of the ambient occlusion, global illumination and key light separately. These were rendered out at 2k resolution and passed back to Natural Motion for integration.

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