M8 Collectible Figures | Partner: Molecule8 | Creative Direction
We started working with M8 in 2016, partnering specifically on art direction, sculpting and model making. Having over 20 years of 3d digital modelling experience in the games industry, we were able to transfer our skills easily for creating collectible figures.
This has been a great opportunity to be given a lot of creative freedom on the design. We were able to develop our own look and style opting for a very minimalist clean approach to the 1/6 and 1/4 scale figures. Being given the chance to create iconic characters has been a dream project. Overseeing characters such as Legolas, Severus Snape, Gandalf, Jack Burton with accessory development has been hugely satisfying.
Developing the endoskeleton has been particularly exciting work. The sleek design based on human physiology with the robotic look was really interesting to me. 
Art directing the process was challenging at first as pipelines and workflows needed to be created. Also working with talented artists from all around the world in different time zones posed its own set of challenges. We were able to develop a solid workflow that all artists can follow which has aided in creating these realistic likenesses. 

Using ZBrush, Modo and VRay software we have developed a simple yet effective work flow that allows us to digitally sculpt heads, figures and accessories. Substance Painter, ZBrush Polypaint and traditional texturing via Photoshop were used to texture the models.

The sheer variety of work has consisted of:
Endoskeleton development
Brand Identity
Web design
Packaging design
Digital Sculpting
Hard surface modelling
Concept design

Hardware change was important for this project as, being primarily Mac based, we had to make a shift to PC’s. Titan graphics cards with 4k monitors and 128gb RAM have become the norm. Doing this enabled us to cope with the intense detail needed for this project.

The experience so far has pushed me and my team in every area. We have tried new software and techniques and continue to evolve. More work will be released soon on the molecule8.com and we will be sharing more as we continue development.

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